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Personal Care Attendants(PCA) and Certified Nurse Aides(CNA)

Steps for onboarding Personal Care Attendants(PCA) and Certified Nurse Aides(CNA):

  • Step 1: To apply please click on the link:
  • Step 2: Potential Prospect will receive a call from Surpassion Healthcare Services , Inc administrator.
    Follow up with phone interview.
  • Step 3: Qualified Applicants will need to take the Health Aide written test. To pass the exam applicants should make atleast 80% or higher.
  • Step 4: Exam passers need to have a skilled assessment conducted with Dr. Ortega:
  • Step 5 : If they pass the skill assessment, they then go to the mainwebsite and fillout an application for employment and send in the required documentation. (upload it, fax, email, or mail)
  • Step 6: Once the application is completed, qualified applicants should complete the pre hire checklist:
    • Statement of Employability
    • Request for Criminal History Form
    • Sworn Statement or Affirmation for child-placing agencies
    • Signature Attestation
    • VA Social Service Central Registry
    • I-9 Form
    • Two Reference Check forms
  • Step 7 : Qualified applicants should submit the complete prehire check documents.
  • Step 8 : Applicants who passed the pre hire test will receive the rest of the employment packet to fill out plus the new hire form.
    Pre hired applicants must submit complete documents for employment packet and nrew hire form.
  • Step 9: Surpassion Healthcare Services, Inc. will conduct Post Hiring Checks:
    • New Hire Check
    • E-Verify Check
    • Social Security Number Check
  • Step 10 : Passers will be scheduled for training, documentation and evv clock in and out sytem with Tellus.